The Best Axe for Cutting Tree Roots: A Comprehensive Guide

Axe for Cutting Tree Roots

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The best tool to dig up tree roots is undoubtedly a heavy-duty axe, which you can also say is the best axe for chopping branches and removing stumps and other parts of the tree.

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X27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch

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Fiskars offer a 36 inches long axe, which is capable of splitting roots a lot. Its long handle is made of fiberglass, Which is strong and lightweight to make the use very easier.

The handle can really absorb shock very well, incase of a missing strike to any object such as a strike with stone, it does not break.

X27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch

This is the best value high quality modern splitting axe, it is associated with larger heavier axe head that create strong splitting power.

This is supposed to be perfect in weight balance and length with alot of modern engineering to make the work more balanced and well. 

The head shape of x27 is designed to disperse the wood easily due to the having of its best blade that can be used for cutting tree roots.

The bevel convex helps to make the blade easier to remove from the stuck wood, in this saw not having the problem of stucking axes inside wood due to use of low friction blade coating.

X27 is the excellent choice for the money, it is made in ‎Finland and provides ‎Lifetime Manufacturer Limited warranty to satisfy the buyers.

It is ideal for almost all users not to use axes for cutting roots, this can be used as versatile such as for firewood, cutting bushes and much more.

Overall length: 36 inches, weight: 5.85 pounds, Material: Stainless Steel


  • Perfect size
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Well constructed


  • Seemly not best option for beginners

Buying Guide

Whenever going to buy the best axe to cut down tree roots and chop down trees. Consider some of the necessary factors that are covered in this guide below. 

Types of Axe

There are various kinds of the best axe for cutting down trees roots. All are important and collectively make an axe perfect for not only root cutting but for chopping branches and performing other tasks. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

  • Felling Axe

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The Felling Axe is used for cutting tree stumps and roots. These axes are built with an extra sharp tapered blade that makes deep cuts into the wood.

They are heavy and carry a large handle for providing you with great momentum while swinging. Most felling axes’ heads weigh around 35 lbs and have a handle of 36-inches long. 

  • Tomahawk Axe

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This lightweight axe is also portable, so you can carry it with you while hiking, hunting or camping. This can be used for cutting small roots of trees. These axes have sharp blades and can also be used as a weapon in time of need. 

  • Broad Axe

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These broad splitting axes are made with a long bit. Woodworkers used it mainly for hewing logs into beams. You will get a precise cut with the bevelled bits. 

What Should Be the Head Thickness?

The shape of the head of an axe will tell whether it is perfect for carving, felling, splitting, or cutting roots. A wider head is suitable for cutting wood pieces in less time. The harper had is also preferable. A thick head will offer you precise cuts and save time and energy. 

Single vs Double Side Head

The axe may be built with a single or double side head. The advantage of the double-side head is that you can use it with both sides. But for people having small to medium size tree roots, the single-headed axe is sufficient.

Axe for Cutting Tree Roots

What Should Be the Weight?

The weight of the head of an axe will determine its use. If it is too heavy, you will get more force, but it affects the accuracy.

A lighter head will not give you deep cuts. If you own the first axe, pick a lightweight around three pounds option as it will be easy to operate. 

Go for a lighter head; if you cut the fallen tree roots. If you need to chop pieces of wood unevenly, you can opt for a heavier head. 

The Perfect Size of Handle 

Remember, the handle determines the force and control delivered by an axe. Don’t always go for an axe having a handle that is too short or too long as it will cause trouble for you while cutting roots. 

If you buy a felling axe, a longer handle will provide more leverage and great swing. But a short handle offers good precision.

The standard length of a handle for cutting tree roots is almost 36-inches. This is the length that most users look for.

A tall person having a 6-feet height can pick an axe with a 32-inches handle as it will provide an excellent balance between force and accuracy.

The 25 to 28 inches long handle is considered short and is perfect for cutting smaller rots and branches and is known as the portable option. 

Perfect Handle Material

The handle of the best axe for cutting tree roots is made of metal, fiebrgalss or wood. From these options, wood handles are lightweight and comfortable to replace.

They also absorb the impact to lessen fatigue. However, a thing to remember is that an axe having a wooden handle may break or splinter easily. 

The handles that are made of fiberglass provide the same advantages as the wooden handle gives. They are lightweight and also absorb the impact well without splintering or breaking. But they need more force while replaced. 

axe for root

Lastly, metal handles are known as durable and long-lasting. They also don’t break easily, and the great news is that you can use them for many other jobs, such as a pry bar. But they are heavier and catch rust. Due to the lousy handle shock absorption, you may tire quickly. 

Check The Handle Shape Also 

While looking for an axe for cutting tree roots, don’t forget to check the handle shape, as it plays a vital role in making any axe the best. The curved handle suits best when you are choosing the single balde axe. It provides you with an easy and natural grip.

Go for a straight handle if your are has a double-sided head. It allows you to swing it comfortably in both directions without changing the head’s orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Axe to Cut Down a Tree?

A Felling axe is also the root chopping tool, but it is preferable for cutting down trees. This axe has wide, razor-shaped edges which cut deep into the wood fibers every time you apply a stroke. 

Can I Remove a Tree Stump With An Axe?

Removing a stump with an axe is easy now; all you need to do is expose the stump’s root system. Take an axe in your hands and cut the roots around the stumps parameter.

When you cut, try to pull off roots. Now apply a strong stroke with a sharp axe to a tree stump and cut the remaining roots. You can also go for other best tools for stump removal or try to opt for the best multi-purpose axe. 

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