The Best Awning for Sprinter Van- What To Know Before Buying!

Best Awning for Sprinter Van

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We are here with an inclusive buying guide that will help you with Sprinter awning options, awning for ford transit vans, awnings for van conversions, Sprinter awning tent sprinter van rear door awning, and Magnetic van awning for sprinter vans. 

Our Best Selection for your Van…

We Break It Down!

Consider the factors to select the one that suits best for your sprinter van.

Types of Awnings 

There are four types of awning.

1. Retractable Awning 

These awnings roll up into an aluminum or plastic case. You might find them bolted to the vehicle.

2. Patio Style Awning 

These awnings are similar to a large roller blind comprising legs bolted onto each side of the vehicle. 

3. Fold-Out Awning

This awning is attached to your vehicle roof and comprises a zip-up fabric case.

4. Stand-Alone Tent Style Awnings 

This awning gets clipped either onto the side or back of the vehicle. 

In terms of angle, a 270-degree awning for a sprinter van is a better option when requiring high shade. 

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Types of Mount Required 

Your sprinter requires a specific mount system for the Thule awning. Mount varies according to the type of vehicle you own. Let’s discuss it with their criteria.

1. Rack Mount (490001)

If you want to opt for a Thule awning for regular use, roof rack systems automobile, the Rack Mount (490001) suits you best. 

2. Roof Mount (620001)

This roof mount is for the sprinter van roof and Promaster vans. Thule also mentions it as a Sprinter-specific adapter testing. This mounting system suits Thule awning for a sprinter. 

Awning for Sprinter Van

So, if you require a Thule awning for a sprinter, ensure the Roof Mount (620001) before opting.

Ease of Use:

Different varieties exist. Fiamma awnings are considered a clear choice for their easy installation procedure. 

Before opting for an awning for the sprinter, select the one that has ease of use. An easily installed module will be preferable to the one taking your time, energy, and money.


Ensure adapter kits to make the installation easy.

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In search of a cheap awning, you might lack the water-resistant feature. It’s prime to opt for a module, not get damaged by rain and windy conditions.


To check the feature, go to the product features to know whether the product is waterproof or not. It will surely help you out!

UV Resistant:

The best awning is the one that has an inbuilt feature to resist the harmful UV rays, protecting the awning surface from getting worn out. 

The best UV protection rating is 98% and above.


Select the awning brand that claims to provide 98% UV resistant property of the coating opted for the awning. 

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Based on the size, weight, durability, type, and features, the best awnings for the sprinter van may vary in cost.

Low Cost

If you want an affordable awning, then affordability is your prime priority. Check for the product with standard cost containing a maximum of the prime factors you acquire.

High Cost 

If you are quality lovers and want to spend more on better features and durability, select the top-rated brand that suits your sprinter van. To get an aesthetic, high-performance, durable awning, you might require USD 10,000. 


Select the best possible awning for your sprinter based on your desired budget,


Your awning must be of polyester fabric to make it weather resistant. If you are conscious, this factor needs to be before purchasing the desired product you opt to purchase.


The best awning is the one with compact size, high performance, and better quality. Select the one that is highly compact and better to use.


We all love stuff that stays longer and more efficient. 

Best Awning for Sprinter Van

To enjoy the long-lasting performance of your awning, select a high-quality, durable product for your sprinter. A durable one must be the top priority if you require your product to last longer. 


If you require a portable awning, check the product feature to ensure its portability before opting for the product.


Ensure all the accessories with the awning so that you don’t require to purchase them separately. 

Accessories include;

  • pegs 
  • ropes 

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