The Best ATV/UTV Tires For Rocky Terrain -2024

Best ATV/UTV Tires For Rocky Terrain

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Do you want to ride on rocky terrain, and are still confused what type of ATV/UTV tire are the best which you use for rocky terrain?

Follow there to make the selection more better!

Our Great Selection for your atv and utv…

Maxxis atv tires

Maxxis BigHorn Radial

Maxxis is the considerable top brand in making atv and utv best best rock tires. In addition to offering atv and utv tires, this brand also satisfies its customers by offering best value for dirt bikes, street bikes, and sport tires for rocky terrain.

The Maxxis is a perfect choice because of offering tires according to your vehicle but you need to just verify the vehicle then they guarantee fitment for your vehicle.

Maxxis separately makes front and rear tires of atv and utv four wheeler, its tire comes with extra deep lugs that provide traction in deep mud riding atv tires.

This mud tires for ATVs are associated with 6-ply rated for greater puncture resistance and make your ride smoother.

It works Great in mud, snow, clay and rock but may not play a better role on using hard top roads on that surface that cause vibrations which mean you will not get better smooth as compared with in rocky areas.

Massix rear atv is suitable for almost all types of cross country terrain and will get on lightweight, the weight of this product is from 10 pound to more than 25, it depends which 4 wheeler vehicle you use.


  • Well worth the money
  • readily available size
  • all terrain


  • Expensive

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Kenda ATV Tire

Kenda tire

Kenda is one of the most popular brand in sport of atv and utv tires, sometimes it mostly sponsors racing such as for ice racing to declare its tires are the best atv tires for ice racing and especially designed for GNCC racing (America’s Premier Off-Road Racing Series).

Kenda is the most durable tire manufacturer brand which provides very reliable tires for a long time.

Its tires are specially Designed to provide the demands of the muddiest 4×4 riding terrain easily in rocky terrain.

Its tread pattern is extremely deep and pretty aggressive which makes it better for deep down traction, its overall really good tread pattern, even in the muddiest conditions and you would call it all-terrain atv tires.

These tire lugs are around three quarter inch deep and wide and each lugs have center looks and dimples in them.

As the more than average tire this kenda ATV tire has not too sidewall bit, which one plays an amazing role in fun on stony terrain because these are not regular CST which are used in the wild for different purposes which works great on forest on different mud places.

As it does not have a sidewall bit this is the all terrain version not a special tire which you consider for forest or CST and work perfectly on mountainous terrain.

This sticky rubber compound leaves an excellent footprint and puts a great deal of rubber in contact with the ground to make great contact with hardpack and open traction.

This can make your ride on different PSI as well. It depends on you where you are going to use it such as for off-raiding or on hard packed rails most people use four and half PSI on rear and five PSI on front.

Kinda offer various ply, this comes with 6-ply rated with extra tough casing resists punctures and as well the ply more the stiffer.

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Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

The “Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire 25×10.5-12” is a 4-Ply tire and has the ability to use every type of surface.

Carlisle tires are not just for ATVs or UTVs this brand also makes adjustable sizes that easily install on various types of vehicles such as lawn mower tractors and therefore most lawn owners prefer this tire because the grip is very strong especially on wet grass or mud.

This product is not made in China. You expect very good results from this brand new tire and considerable best options for ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side by Side Vehicles and Fun-Karts.

It is especially designed to work from intermediate surface to hard surface, its formulated compound delivers durable longer life and its stability tightly grooved tread which help it in handling on pavement, concrete, and as well hard packed soil which is also a better and best solution of atv and utv tires for farm use.

If you have a used or new ATV or UTV and want to make smooth riding then you require good tires. Carlisle all terrain atv tires best choice.

It easily handles plowing snow well and does a good job for you on both the hard pavement as well as softer ground, which makes it the best possibility of atv and utv tires for pavement. Which makes it a good all around tire.

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Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV

tires for rockay terrain

SunF Power is the most recommended universal rocky terrain tire. Basically It’s hard to find affordably priced ATV and UTV tires these days but this can be satisfied with its affordability and durability in your Rides made great with plenty of traction in mud, sand, hill and rides.

In price option you may get price difference of their different sizes of tires but don’t disappoint you with its performance 

In particular, the tire is particularly effective in most terrains with high performance on trails. It is also suitable for deserts, mud, dirt and rock terrains. Design of tires overall aggressive and easy to use work excellent from trail to occasional mud

They have very well lug which have 6 PR that makes good and strong tire that make it able to rid on extreme mud and trail very smooth and hook up well

The depth of cut or tread depth around 1 inch, sunf look like big horn tire but that you will get on friendly option

These are just tires not with wheels and that’s why this product you will get at an affordable price. For you, the old tire of your four wheeler gives a better replacement.

Sunf power makes best atv and utv tires and comes in different sizes; its most selling car tire size comes under 25×8-12 Front & 25×10-12 Rear with tubeless and check if you go with Quietest All Season Tires.

The thing that may impress you with this tire is that they do not give you that kind of tractor feel when you ride on the chair of your UTV or ATV, in fact they give you a super smooth ride.

So, overall this tire is the most recommended if you are looking for a good tire. This brand is the best choice.

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Are you going with an affordable option with value of the money WANDA ATV/UTV are the best Tires for you.

Grip of that product really works on two wheel and four wheel drive because of lugs available on the sidewall and center with bigger size that makes your ride on back road and dirt road pretty well.

As compared with other tires this is less aggressive and its sticking power very well on hard rocks and as well make it ride better on pavement.

Overall most of the users and experts recommend this budget friendly deal to satisfy the performance on a low price.

are you deciding to take new quad bike with low price Cheap Quad Bikes: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

This can easily adjust on a variety of machines. So, you can select the machine before buying a valuable tire and as well if your machine can not be found you need to know the size after that you can pick the similar size tire from the markets.

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