The Best Anchors For Tile Walls: A Thorough Detail Guide

The Best Anchors For Tile Walls

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To hold the screws for ceramic tile firmly, you need anchors.

But what are the best options, and what do you have to consider before buying? These are valid questions, and the answers are present in this detailed guide.

Don’t waste money. Firstly, do little research and pick the one from below mentioned options for your tile wall. 

Screw it Again Masonry Anchor

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Screw it again is the heavy duty wall anchors for the tile. This wall anchor is especially built for tile (such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile) and Block.

People are satisfied with this anchor because of its durability toward home improvement such as anchors for tile showers and kitchen shelves, and other heavy objects which hang in the drawing room (such as hanging pictures).

The use of this anchor is very easy and value of the money, to use on every type of tile you can use on every type of tile.

Best Anchors For Tile Walls

This plastic tile 1 anchor is capable of supporting  the 2 to 14 inch screw size and used on small holes better to use Cut-off section 2 and which can easily be kept for smaller holes.


  • Easy To Install
  • Also Works On work in brick, ‎& Block
  • 1 anchor supports 2 to 14# size of screw


  • Expensive ( Almost 1 piece in 1 buck )

Glarks Heavy Duty Zinc Anchor Kit for Drywall, Plaster and Tile

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Glarks is the Heavy-duty hollow drive wall anchor. Which is made of Zinc Plated Steel which safe it from rust and corrosion, and make it well strong and durable that are  enough for hanging items.

These best hollow wall anchors for tile play an important role in ensuring strong bearing capacity and safety, as they satisfy heavy-duty hollow wall anchor expansion when installing.

Glarks anchor

Glarks offer different sizes of anchor you can select according to your requirement as well it is capable of work on a variety of places such as it is used for hanging curtain rods, lamps, photo frames, coat racks, power switches and much more.


  • Best for heavy duty tasks
  • Made of Steel
  • 80+ Pieces With 6 size


  • Not Works in wall Due to heavier

Qualihome Heavy Duty Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors

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Qualihome anchors are the premium quality made and made in the USA, they use durable plastic that is especially designed to last many years in walls.

If the use of anchor in tile can be replaced also be possible from this anchor it can remove from the object easily not only ceramic or shower tile as well plastic tile.

It is one of the best anchors that you should consider when choosing an anchor. If you use it in washroom/bathroom tile to hang objects such as mirrors, shelves, and other heavy objects, Qualihome anchors can stay well in place and give smooth and strong results.

Qualihome Anchors

Everyone should have the kit at home so they can hang items in their home when needed because the use is very easy for any DIYer and works strongly on the walls of tile.

For wall smooth and flat ceramic tile use on kitchen backsplash directly over drywall or plaster on there it works with drilling well on the tile as well it has the heavy-duty ribs that will keep the anchor stable when you install them.


  • Affordable ( Includes 50 different size in just under 20 )
  • Reusable
  • Made in USA


  • Not good for plaster walls

Buying Guide

What Is The Weight of Hanging Material?

Best wall anchors for tile are of different sizes and weights. Drywall anchors may look fragile, but they are great for holding anything on your wall.

If you want to hang anything around 15 pounds heavy, you must attach an anchor with the screw.

 Ceramic tile anchors are available in various designs. Mostly plastic tile anchors are considered lighter.

Anchors For Tile

The weight restrictions are mentioned on the packaging and based on the thickness of the wall having tiles. If you don’t know the wall thickness, assume it is about one inch thick. 

Size of The Hole

For making the right size hole, always measure the shank of the drill bit against the anchor’s front. The diameter should be of the same size or 1/16 inch or more for making the screw go inside comfortably. Check the diameter of the anchor, then make a hole using the same size drill bit. 

Types of Wall Anchors For Tile Walls

Various heavy-duty wall anchors are available in the market, ranging from tubular plastic anchors for tile to the best hollow wall anchors for tile.

Wallboard and hollow wall anchors attach items to porous, hollow, and brittle walls. Some of the best anchors for tile and brick walls are mentioned below. Let’s check them out!

Conical Hollow Wall Anchors

As the name suggests, Conical hollow wall anchors are cone-shaped with wood screws or sheet metal in block brick, concrete and tile walls. 

Plastic Anchors

Plastic anchors are considered best for tiles of 1.4-inch no matter if there is cement backer board or drywall behind the tile.

They are capable of holding the screws firmly. Always make sure to pick the tube-shaped anchors instead of tapered anchors. 

These anchors suit best when you have to hand light-duty materials such as hanging pictures, small shelves, paper holders, and towel rods.

Some of them, for example, small size anchors, need small pre-drilled holes, and you have to do a little repair after removing them from your tile wall. 

Plug Hollow Brick Anchors

Plug hollow brick anchors are mostly used for brick walls, but you can also use them for tile walls. They can resist corrosion and are considered best for light-duty applications in blocks, bricks and hollow walls.

Butterfly Anchors

Butterfly anchors are made of wings that can spread open at the backside of the tile wall. They are available in different sizes to suit walls of different thicknesses.

First, make the hole as per the diameter of the anchor, then use a drill or hammer to insert the screws into your tile wall. All you need is attention and stay careful. 

Winged Plastic Anchors

Winged plastic anchors are cheaper and offer double the strength of other plastic expansion anchors. A special tool is used to spread the wings.

They are constructed using plastic, so you must remain careful while installing them on your tile walls. Too much force will rip the screws out, and larger screws can also damage them.

Steel Hollow-Wall Anchors 

These wall anchors are used for multiple purposes. The steel hollow-wall anchors are used for plaster walls and tile walls.

This is convenient for users as they don’t have to buy separate anchors for their bathroom and other rooms with tiles on their walls. The weight limit, but in the end, they work nicely. 

Once you drive the steel hollow wall anchor into the wall, the metal casing starts to expand and secure the screws firmly.

This is an effective way to hang something and make sure the screws won’t lose after some time. This is the strongest anchor present in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Anchors to Use For Tiles?

There are various options such as steel hollows, plastic anchors and others. Some of the best options are already mentioned above.
The most commonly used anchors for tile walls are plastic ones. They are available in various shapes; generally, tubular-shaped anchors are suggested for marble tiles and others. Plastic anchors are cheaper than steel anchors, so pick one per your budget and type of tile. 

Can You Use Wall Anchors in the Tile?

Hanging something on a wall having tiles is not an easy task to do.  You need an anchor to hold the screw in place.

A drywall anchor is used to hang mirrors, pictures, shelves, and more securely on the walls. Remember, screws and nails are not designed for walls, for example, tile, panelling and drywall. They can slip out easily from the walls.

You can use wall anchors in tiles as they insert screws into walls without causing damage. But be very careful and make holes by doing proper measurements.

Will drywall anchors work in tile?

The special made drywall anchors are not used on tile but most of the drywall anchors work well on tile such as plastic anchors, and as well works also on concrete and easily handle strong wait for many years.

So, if you have some other anchors you must be require to get in use on tile not obey on special one (as well if the professional works they you must try special anchors).

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  1. Self-drilling plastic drywall anchors – for a tiled wall?? That is ridiculous. Neither the zinc or plastic self-drilling drywall anchors can be used in a tile wall as neither could possibly drill into tile, even with a pilot hole. The plastic ones barely work in drywall, forget about ceramic tile.


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