Kraftmaid Vs American Woodmark: Who provide Better Quality?

Kraftmaid Vs American Woodmark

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American Woodmark is a one-hundred percent stock manufacturer. Kraftmaid is a semi-custom range of storage containers.

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The difference between stock and semi-custom cabinets has nothing to do about the quality of either the cabinet construction, but it does affect the product’s versatility.

In Canada, the lines are significantly different. However, considering the price point, you will never be impressed with the building specifications for the Kraftmaid, and box retailers do not set up vignettes for Kraftmaid in retail.

The final issue may be a matter of anticipation. If your design was created using American Woodmark, it could indeed be recreated with Kraftmaid, but the semi-custom adaptability is part of what you’re paying for with Kraftmaid.

What is Kraftmaid?

KraftMaid Cabinetry has become one of the state’s largest makers of semi-custom cabinetry for more than 40 years.

These strong joints are 3/4″ solid wood and can survive centuries of use. On all four sides of a KraftMaid drawer, you’ll discover these.

kraft Woodmark

The wood is saturated with several layers of paint for a deep, attractive hue.

If you prefer the authenticity of genuine wood over artificial wood, which is frequently utilized as a foundation material for painted finishes elsewhere in the industry, KraftMaid is the correct choice.

What is American Woodmark?

American Woodmark is a cabinet maker that specializes in kitchen and bath cabinets. Remodel, new construction, and specialty dealers are among the avenues American Woodmark makes and sells high-quality face frame kitchen and bath cabinets.

Cabinets come in many styles, colors, and materials. They are vertically integrated, with the Appalachian area providing most manufacturing hardwood raw materials.

American woodmark

All cabinets are built at one of four manufacturing sites across the United States.

Diversity American Woodmark and Kraftmaid:

Cabinets are crucial in any kitchen, whether you’re remodeling or building a new one, and you can count on KraftMaid Cabinets.

They have a large selection of semi-custom cabinets and door types. They’re known for their attention to detail when designing appealing door overlays.

For example, they provide slab, curved, square, recessed, and raised paneling choices.

To begin, this business aims to assist consumers in redesigning and renovating their houses with attractive and efficient cabinets.

American Woodmark offers a variety of items, including recycling centers, champagne racks, and storage units, all of which are convenient.

Additionally, the cabinets are accessible for those who wish to guarantee that their items are well organized.

Customers’ bespoke units are made for them, specifically to meet the demands of their residences.

Manufacturing and design differences:

In the case of American Woodmark, all of the items are built of solid hardwood and include a front-face frame. Furthermore, the strong timber is cured to prevent further warping.

In addition, the frame’s joints are pressed together and cemented together to promote adhesion. Furthermore, the product frame is revisited twice and stapled for stability and longevity.

The items of American Woodmark are designed uniquely. They create their products to swiftly adapt to any situation, whether at home or in business.

However, in the case of KraftMaid, in addition to a wide choice of door and panel options, KraftMaid also provides a variety of finishes, allowing you to match your kitchen’s theme seamlessly.

Their cabinets, panels, and frames are readily available at Home Depot and Lowes.

It’s important to remember that their cabinets are also accessible via authorized dealer shops, so look for them in your area.

Affordability and customer trust:

When discussing any brand, the first question that is typically asked is: Everyone understandably demands to learn why they should trust a particular brand.

KraftMaid has been in business for a long time and has been meeting the demands of its customers for over forty years.

KraftMaid semi-custom cabinets are top-of-the-line and cost-effective. They provide the ideal combination of style and allow you to pick from various possibilities. 

With this semi-custom cabinetry, you may modify the types of your cabinets without having to pay an additional fee or wait as long as you would with completely customized cabinets. All of KraftMaid’s products are made-to-order.

If you’re on a limited budget, American Woodmark is a good option. American Woodmark cabinets are 25% less expensive than KraftMaid cabinets. but their packaging is excellent.

Location and availability difference:

KraftMaid began as a small-scale local carpentry company and has grown to become one of the leading on-demand cabinet products in the industry.

KraftMaid is based in Ohio for the most part and has been producing panels, cabinets, and doors for over forty years. It is fair to assume that this corporation is well-known in the United States.

The Home Depot has teamed with American Woodmark, which has been in business for 35 years. You may go to any Home Depot shop near you and look at the cabinets for yourself.

American Woodmark is located in Virginia and has fourteen production facilities around the United States.

Construction and variety difference:

Customers can choose between all-plywood or standard construction. Engineered wood is used in the conventional structure.

However, all-plywood goods have an attractive guard finish. If you pick a model with drawers, the drawers are a high-end hardwood dovetail with a plywood bottom panel.

If you’re concerned about the selection of items offered at KraftMaid, there are 100 door types, 70 finishes, and over 200 cabinets to choose from.

Additionally, they feature over 800 decorative alternatives for freshening up your kitchen. Not to mention, before being dispatched to your location, all items are inspected by a professional inspector.

Quality concern with Kraftmaid vs. American woodmark:

  • When it comes to building quality, the wall cabinets are created with movable shelves, allowing you to use them as needed. 
  • The cabinet doors also include six-way whisper touch hinges for quiet door closing. Not to mention the natural birch wood shelves and all-plywood construction, which will last the test of time. 
  • Kraftmaid cabinets are made of Plywood and have a wooden or laminated finish. You get to pick the style and materials for the cabinets based on your budget. 
  • Kraftmaid provides eight different varieties of wood, with Cherry, Maple, Hickory, and Oak being the most popular. All of the goods are well-made and long-lasting.
  • Different styles of doors are available from American Woodmark, including thermo foil, complete overlay, flat center screen, partial toggle, raised center panel, hardwood plywood, and veneer
  • There are self-closing drawers with stainless steel ball bearings as far as the hardware is concerned. Additionally, self-cleaning tracks are provided for more straightforward cleaning. 
  • These goods are robust and long-lasting, and if you need to replace any portion of your cabinet, you can do so quickly because they are built to be flexible.

What to choose between Kraftmaid and American woodmark:

There is some prejudice towards American Woodmark because they also produce a lower-cost line akin to stock cabinet quality, although their “semi-custom” line is comparable to Kraftmaid.

You might only recall that American Woodmark had some essential extras that were enhancements above Kraftmaid. Thus the American Woodmark felt like a better value to you.

Kraftmaid Vs American Woodmark

Kraftmaid installs a variety of brands, including custom, and in my opinion, the Kraftmaid is preferable to the American Woodmark.

However, Kraftmaid’s quality and finish were far superior, and some users installed a large number of both. If money is a concern, the American Woodmark is the way to go.

Before you buy:

  • While pricing is crucial, it should not be the only consideration when selecting a KraftMaid dealer. Consider the company’s track history and experience.
  • Read customer reviews and speak with friends who have made purchases from them.
  • Don’t choose without completing your homework beforehand.
  • KraftMaid and American Woodmark are two of the most well-known in the kitchen cabinetry industry.
  • Hand-assembled cabinets from the firm are inexpensive long-lasting, and robust. Kitchen cabinets from KraftMaid and American Woodmark come in various styles and patterns.
  • You may choose between a basic package with limited features and upgrades and fully customizable bespoke cabinets that come at a more excellent price.
  • Although KraftMaid offers a product to fit nearly any budget, it all depends on the design and manufacturing materials you pick. So, first and foremost, analyze your requirements.


In the end, both of these businesses provide high-quality items, including drawers, panels, doorways, and other storage containers.

Customers have complained about both of these, so instead of purchasing online, always go to the shop and get a physical check.

If there is even a single missing in the kitchen, it is the cabinets. Not only will you keep everything you need to cook in the cabinets,

but they will also take up the bulk of the room in your kitchen, so you’ll want them to look excellent as well. Consider several kitchen cabinet providers if you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen without cabinets appears drab and unfinished, but having high-quality cupboards should always be the priority.

As a result, we’re discussing American Woodmark vs. KraftMaid because they are two well-known cabinet manufacturers.

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