The Best Air Compressor For Heavy Duty Trucks- Detail Buying Guide

Best Air Compressor For Heavy Duty Trucks

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Check out this inclusive buying guide before purchasing an air compressor for your heavy-duty truck. 

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Each factor is prime before opting for the product.

  1. Maximum Air Pressure

Before purchasing, check the PSI rating of the air compressor. 

PSI (pound per square inch) stands for the unit of air pressure. 

Overheating and PSI Relation

To prevent overheating the compressor, operate it on a level less than its desired capacity. 

Portable Air Compressor PSI Rating

You might find a variety of ranges between 30-150 PSI for portable air compressors. 

portable air compressor

Standard Air Compressor PSI 

A standard air compressor for trucks ranges between 35 and 45 PSI. 

PSI for Heavy Duty Truck

For heavy-duty trucks, you require a compressor having a PSI OF 120-150.

Low PSI Rating

A lower PSI makes it tricky to inflate your truck tire


Always aims for high PSI levels for heavy-duty trucks.

  1. Air Flow Capacity 

With air pressure, you also need to check the airflow capacity of the air compressor, measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). 

The bigger the truck tires, the higher the time required for inflation. 

Heavy Duty Truck Tires

For the heavy-duty truck, choose a model with 1.5 times higher CFM. 

  1. Duty Cycle and Break Time 

Before opting, check the break time percentage. 

If the compressor reads 50%, the duty cycle and the break time are the same. If the air compressor opts for 30 min, the break time will be the same, 30 min.  

Understand these ratings before selecting the product based on your desired break time requirement.

  1. Power Source for Air Compressor

Remember to check the power source, as the air compressor won’t run without the desired power supply. Three types of batteries are available to opt for inflators;

  • 12 volts
  • 120 volts
  • Inbuilt battery

If you require a battery for the air compressor to inflate heavy-duty truck tires, go for the 12-volt battery supply to get the job done.

  1. Noise Rating 

Before opting for an air compressor, check the brand features. If it operates at a low decibel, it’s the perfect option. A loud noise may irritate while inflating the heavy-duty truck.

Standard Noise Level

Opt for a model with a noise level between 60 dBA-85 dBA. Don’t purchase any brand if they are not providing such a feature.


The most tricky job is to find a product compensating for your desired budget with the best features. 

compressor for heavy duty trucks

A variety of air compressors are available, and most of them range from $60 to $300. Select the product that is durable and efficient.  


Do not waste your money on cheap products. Carefully go through the product reviews and select the best of them to avoid conveniences.

  1. Accessories Tools CheckList 

Air compressor comes with free of cost extra accessories that help the compressor to get its job done. Sometimes the buyer is unaware and doesn’t check the tools list provided. 

Remember to check the following tools when purchasing an air compressor.

  • Bag for carrying tools
  • Inflation Tip Kit
  • Extra set of Nozzles  
  • Extension Hose 
  • Alligator Clips
  • Additional Fuse 
  1. Portability

Different types of air compressors are available. The one that is easily carried and opted for at the time of trouble are considered the best ones. You can take them in your truck and opt whenever needed.


How many CFM is a truck compressor?

A truck compressor operates around 10 CFM and might reach 80 CFM.
A less costly compressor might have low cfm, while the high quality, expensive models will run at higher cfm values. 
The higher the CFM value, the better the inflation.

What should I inflate my truck tires to?

Inflate your tires according to the PSI rating, ranging between 35 and 45 PSI for trucks. If you are on a heavy-duty truck PSI rating of 120-150 should be considered for the air compressor.

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