How You can adjust Harley touring shocks?

How You can adjust Harley touring shocks?

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If you have ever owned a Harley Davidson bike or currently own one, then you are a true bike enthusiast. However, you must also be aware of the complications faced on a daily, especially with how to adjust Harley touring shocks. 

Out of the many commonly faced problems, most riders usually visit the mechanic to adjust their bike’s touring shocks. 

So, to eradicate this need for frequent visits to the mechanic for an adjustment, we bring you a thorough guide on adjusting Harley touring shocks! 

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How to adjust Harley touring shocks?

Before understanding how to adjust Harley touring shocks, you must first familiarise yourself with the component and why it is needed. 

A touring shock on a bike must ensure that your bike’s suspension remains consistent. It is ordinary not to find suspensions on most touring bikes, but since Harley Davidson values and prioritizes its customers, the company provides them with one. 

Having your touring shocks properly adjusted is crucial as the suspension prevents accidents from occurring. If the touring shocks have been misplaced while riding the bike, it will keep the rider at constant risk of collision, which can lead to severe injuries. 

To protect yourself against getting injured, read through our guide for adjusting Harley touring shocks, and adjust the shocks at any time and place you want. 

Identifying the need to adjust touring shocks

It is always important to know when to adjust the touring shocks. But how? To identify the need for adjustment, look out for the following problems:

  • Trust your instinct. If you feel your bike is not handling your weight nor delivering the operation it used to, it calls for a touring shock adjustment. 
  • Observe the bike’s touring shocks. How do they look? If the components seem to be worn out and rusty or if there is any leakage of the fluid, then it is undoubtedly time for a readjustment. 

Required tools

Since you will carry out the procedure yourself and at home, let’s keep it simple using only the most basic and readily available tools

The essential tools required to adjust the touring shocks of your Harley will be a ratchet, socket, and an adjustable wrench. However, if you have a particular model of Harley for which you are looking to adjust the touring shocks, we recommend you use Allen wrenches per the model’s requirements. 

With this, an essential tool that you will also need is your patience and concentration. Without them, the simple task will start seeming more like an obligation. 

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Adjusting the touring shocks

Start by locating the screws holding the adjustment together on your bike’s shocks. You will usually find them fasted either at the top or near the meeting point with the frame on the shock. 

Were you facing difficulty finding the touring shock screws? Consider consulting the service manual you received upon purchasing your Harley bike here. The manual would contain a diagram indicating the exact location of the screws. 

When you have succeeded in locating the touring shock screws, then use your wrench or screw driver to rotate them counterclockwise or clockwise. The turning of screws depends on the particular Harley’s bike model and the sort of adjustment you want: loosening or tightening the adjustment. 

It is common to be aware of the level of adjustment you want for your touring shocks. Therefore, you must start by rotating the screws to small-scale increments and test the bike for a ride. Do this after each adjustment and continue the process until your desired outcome has been achieved. 

Maintaining adjustment of the touring shocks.

Obviously, You need more time to adjust the touring shocks daily. Hence, you must maintain the adjustment and the condition of your touring shocks in fine condition. A situation where the suspensions do not wear out or lose their adjustment. 

Keep up with the following requirements, and it will maintain your touring shocks. 

  • Regularly check the touring shocks for any leaks. Also, look out for any rust or damage that may occur.
  • Try to adjust the shocks once in a while. This will ensure that you do not indulge in the extensive adjustment procedure, and your bike handling will be good and the tires will be stable.
  • Stay away from sitting and waiting for the touring shocks to wear out to the fullest instead, replace them once they start to wear out because then you will be exposed to danger every time you ride the bike.
  • If you need help adjusting the shocks, give up and take your bike to a skilled mechanic. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it advisable to adjust the touring shocks at home? 

You can undertake this procedure at home; however, if you feel like you cannot handle the tools, then consult a mechanic. 

Does the same procedure apply to adjusting the touring shocks for any Harley bike? 

Usually, yes. The wrench is the only thing that differs in adjusting touring shocks. With any other Harley bike model, use the wrench that works best for that model. 

Should I replace or adjust the touring shocks?

Whether you should replace or adjust the touring shocks depends on the condition of the shocks. First, closely examine the state and then decide. 

A Thorough Harley Davidson Guide

Only one brand comes to mind when considering a one-stop premium bike shop: Harley Davidson. The bike manufacturing company is famous for composing high-quality bikes in the USA and has worldwide recognition.

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Once you have ridden a bike from Harley Davidson, it becomes irresistible and challenging to shift to any other manufacturer. Installed piston’s in the motorcycle operate smoothly, and when it comes to the engines, the design is distinct, resulting in a ride worth remembering. 

However, having such a bike also means regular maintenance and repair. Rest assured, this costs the owner a considerable sum of their fortune.


In this article on how to adjust Harley touring shocks, we have not only covered the procedure for adjustment but have also provided you with tips that might come in handy for any Harley bike owner. So now, without waiting on a mechanic, you can adjust the touring shocks on your own!

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