The Best Adhesive For Stair Treads- Ultimate Guide

Stair Treads

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We are here with a handy all-inclusive buying guide that will help you select the best adhesive for your stair treads.

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Consider the following factors before purchasing the glue. Each feature is necessary to lower the niche for your selection criteria. 

Buying Guide

Types of Stair Treads

A variety of stair treads are opted by individuals depending upon their desired choice. Select the best adhesive that suits the type of stair treads you own.

The popular stair treads include;

  • Wood Stair Treads (Oak stair tread) 
  • Glass Stair Treads
  • Tile Stair Treads
  • Composite Treads
  • Stone Stair Treads
  • Steel Stair Treads
  • Rubber Stair Treads
  • Carpet Stair Treads
  • Vinyl Stair Treads
  • Stick Stair Treads
  • Seal Stair Treads

Tip: Based on these types, different adhesives are opted to keep them secured.

Types of Adhesives

The most common types of adhesives opted for stair treads include;

  • Liquid Nails
  • Polyurethane Glue
  • Gorilla Glue 
  • Vinyl Glue

Liquid nails (Cove Base & Stair Tread Adhesive)

Opt for liquid nails for stair treads if you want a better adhesive product. 

It is a water-resistant latex compound opted for as a construction adhesive for stair treads. You can use it for vinyl stairs to keep them secured. Liquid nails are also considered the best adhesive for lvp on stairs and the best glue for laminate flooring on stairs.

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Polyurethane Glue 

It’s one of the best adhesives opted for stair treads. It can bear the high foot traffic and provide strong adhesion. It protects the stairs from stains, water, scuffs, and scratches. 

A minimum of three coats of polyurethane is enough to get the desired results. Make sure you lightly sand between each coating to enhance the adhesion between layers.

Vinyl Glue 

Vinyl glue is opted for the subfloor to keep them secure. If you own a tiled staircase, vinyl glue will secure the tread at ease with a better adhesion feature.

Gorilla Glue 

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Gorilla glue for stair treads is another popular choice. If you want to secure your stair treads,

High Adhesion and Grip

To select the best adhesive, check the prime feature. It has high adhesion and grip. A glue with less adhesion is a waste of money and time.

To secure your stair treads, you require a strong adhesive material. Make sure the product you select possesses high adhesion and grip capability.

Anti Slip Nature

Select the adhesive that ensures an ant slip feature for your stair treads. After selecting the desired product, check the description to find the ant slip property.

Quality of Adhesive 

A good quality adhesive will ensure better adhesion and traction between the base and treads. Don’t compromise on the quality of the stair tread adhesive.

Tip: Avoid low-quality products. It will waste your time and money and negatively affect your stair treads.


You may find various brands of adhesives with a wide range of costs. Select the product according to your desired specifications and budget.

Tip: Avoid low-cost adhesives. You have to compromise on the adhesion, which I guess is the prime feature for any adhesive to work best.

Stair Treads


A long-lasting adhesion is the best feature.

Tip: Select the product that is durable, effective, and high-performance.

Abide Wear And Tear 

Always opt for Professional Grade, Heavy Duty Adhesive that can abide the Rigorous Wear And Tear due to intensive foot traffic.

Weather Resistant (Outdoor)

If you require an adhesive for outdoor stair treads, it should be weather resistant. 


Outdoor stair treads may suffer harsh environmental conditions, including intense sunlight, rain, wind, and snow. 

It results in cracking and peeling of the adhesive.

Tip: Select the adhesive based on the stair tread location (indoor, outdoor) with required features (weather resistant).

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 Low VOC Adhesives

Any adhesive that contains less VOC is considered the best. 

Tip: When you purchase an adhesive, check the value of VOC. 

If it’s less, it’s better to select that product.

Ease of use

The best adhesive is the one that possesses the ease of use. A messy adhesive can be problematic in securing your stair treads.

Safe and Secure

The adhesive must be strong enough to make the stair treads stay secured in place.

Tip: Select that is safe and secure in terms of adhesion and strength.

Tread Quantity 

 Select the quantity prescribed in the product description based on the tread number.

Less Curing Time 

The lessee the curing time, the better the adhesive. If curing time is more, opt for small projects.

Brand Value

Choose the best adhesive for your stair treads from a renowned brand. 

The higher the positive reviews, the better the product will be. The top brand provides the utmost care and precision and helps you answer all the queries you suffer. 

Tip: Check customer reviews before opting for a brand. 


Top brands provide a warranty in case of any damage to the products. They can refund or replace the product.

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