160cc Vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine: (What the Difference & Which One Better)

160cc Vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

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The volume of the cylinders is frequently used to measure an engine’s power. A ‘3 liter v6 or a 2.5l’ is what you’ll hear for an automobile engine.

The term ‘liters’ refers to cubic liters, which estimate volume inside all of the engine’s cylinders while the pistons are retracted.

On a smaller engine, such as your lawnmower, the quantity is in cubic centimeters, or cc’s, rather than liters.

So, for a lawnmower, 160cc or 190cc implies 160 cubic centimeters or 190 cubic centimeters of engine capacity. 

A fuel-air combination is pumped into the cylinder and burned when operating. A larger cylinder capacity means larger combustion.

As a result, more power. 30cc isn’t a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. It’s less than 20%, so don’t anticipate dramatic improvements, although it will make a difference.

At least not due to the engine’s volume discrepancy. The number of cubic centimeters in a mower, the compression ratio, the drive type, the blade diameter, and a variety of other factors all impact performance.

And you must consider all of these factors while selecting a mower. It’s not just about the CC statistics.

160cc lawn mower engine:

Torque and Power The 160cc lawnmower engine spins at a maximum of 3,300 rpm and produces 7.1 to 8.4-foot-pounds of torque depending on the configuration.

The preponderance of 160cc mower engines has a horsepower rating of 5.5. The phrase “cubic centimeters” refers to the size of lawnmower engines.

It’s a calculation of the cylinder capacity within the engine when the piston is at its lowest point. Both the 160cc and 190cc engines are designed for heavy-duty mowing.

160cc Vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

A push mower will typically be enough to keep your grass in good shape if you are in peak physical shape and have a lawn of less than 1/4 acre. Engine horsepower ratings for low-cost push lawnmowers generally range from 2.9 to 4.0.

The 160cc engine will be less expensive to maintain owing to decreased fuel use, but there are no other changes between the engines.

The pricing and maintenance costs are usually determined by the Lawn Mower model rather than the machine’s size.

190cc lawn mower engine:

Although the 190cc Lawn Mower Engine produces somewhat more power, this isn’t the main difference between the two.

When cutting wet grass, this lawnmower engine performs better than the 160cc lawn mower engine. Furthermore,there is less damage because of the larger engine’s blades, you won’t have to sharpen the blades as frequently with the 190cc engine.

If you have a larger and more difficult lawn, the greater engine will undoubtedly perform better than the 160cc engine. If you want a quieter and faster operation, a 190cc engine seems to be the way to go.

Power output:

The amount of power you require is determined by your mowing circumstances. In all honesty, a 140cc mower will be enough if you have a modest, regular lawn. For 140cc’s, a bi-weekly cut on a simple lawn is not an issue.

If you have a large lawn to mow, a 190+cc engine will get the job done faster than a 160. In reality, on a somewhat bigger lawn, 140cc well enough as long as even the grass is easy to mow and there are no obstructions.

It will just take longer than if you used a larger mower since a larger mower will do the job faster. A high-powered mower comes in very handy if you want to do something besides mowing over typical grass.

If you have weeds in your yard or are mowing longer grass, a high-powered mower will be more effective. With higher power, you’ll be able to get through harder weeds and grass in one pass, but with a lower-powered model, you could have to run over regions more than once.

engine mower

Another area where the greater power will aid is regularly mowing damp grass. With a 190+cc mower, you’ll have less clogging, and the task will be easier and faster. Also, if you’re bagging, especially mulching, a mower with more will do a better job. Mulching will be more effective as a result of the increased torque.

Fuel usage:

A high-powered mower’s engine capacity is higher, which means its fuel consumption is also larger. The 190+cc cylinder receives a higher fuel-air mix for each piston rotation than the 160cc cylinder.

However, the cylinder capacity isn’t the sole metric for determining a mower’s fuel economy. As a result, you’ll need to analyze each model’s performance before deciding which is ideal for your grass.

A bigger mower, for example, will almost certainly cut the same grass faster than that of a smaller cc mower.

This might suggest that, while using more gasoline, the time saved offsets the cost, and utilizing the bigger mower is still more economical.

And some models just consume less gasoline than others. Make sure to go through the specifications for each model to get a sense of how well it performs.

It’s also good to check out any gardening or DIY forums to see what other people have to say about various lawn mower types. Remember that some people swear blindly by a certain make or model that may or may not be appropriate for your needs.

Fuel usage is also a consideration, which we’ll discuss in a moment. However, even though the 190cc burns more gasoline, he can complete the work faster, and you won’t notice the difference anyhow.


Cost is something that should always be considered. Calculate the cost based on how you want to use your mower.

Although a big mower for a small lawn is typically overkilled, it may still be worthwhile if the lawn has more weed than off-track than ordinary grass.

In general, the higher the cc, the more expensive the mower. Simply put, a larger engine consumes more equipment and costs more to manufacture.

However, many other elements, such as the mower’s various features, drive, speed control, and brand, come into play. As a result, a low-powered mower can easily cost more than just a high-powered mower.

The typical price of a 160cc lawn mower ranges from $180 to $300 for machines of this size. They are far less expensive than their bigger equivalents.

Prices for the 190cc Lawn Mower start at around $250 and go up to $800. The considerable price difference between the two may be seen.

Know the use:

When compared to lawn mowers for domestic usage, commercial engines have proven to be far more reliable. Without question, a commercial lawn mower engine, regardless of displacement, will provide you with greater long-term durability.

Engines designed for commercial usage have more characteristics than those designed for household use. Commercial lawn mower engines are designed to last longer and have additional functions.

Some of these Lawn Mower engines are impressive in their own right. Every lawn is unique in its way, which helps you decide which one to buy.

lawn mower

Aside from cc, you need also be familiar with compression ratio. The Compression Ratio impacts the engine’s power; therefore, it’s a vital aspect to consider.

After each gas compression, the Compression Ratio is calculated by comparing the piston volume at the top to the piston volume at the bottom.

Compression ratios are generally affected by engine components. A higher compression ratio can be achieved by using stronger engine components.

Considerable factors before buying:

Torque is the reason that a lawn mower’s power is important. The rotational force exerted by the engine is known as torque. It’s the force that rotates the blades of a lawnmower.

The higher the torque, the faster and more powerful the blade. Torque is influenced by several factors other than the CC values, although they are crucial.

In general, the more CCs your mower has, the more torque it will have. However, because other elements influence torque, it’s a good idea to double-check the torque statistics on the mowers you’re considering.

While cubic centimeters are significant, they are not the only factor to consider, and you should think about the overall picture before buying a mower.

Sometimes, the details you didn’t consider determine whether or not your mower purchase is indeed a success. Deck heights, handle heights, beginning method, bagging & mulching are all factors to consider.

Weight will be an issue if you have to lift and move your mower around a lot manually. A bigger engine will be heavier.

As a result, a 190cc engine weighs more than a 160cc engine. Under typical conditions, the weight shouldn’t make much difference, but it’s something to consider for your specific situation.


The cc’s won’t make much of a difference in terms of upkeep. Various factors determine the extent and frequency of your mower’s maintenance.

Things like the quality of the manufacturer’s parts, the type of mower, other mower features, and how you utilize it.

We’ve covered all you need to know about 160 and 190+cc mowers in this guide, so you can make an educated choice about which size is suitable for you. 

You now understand what ccs stand for, what the power differential means for your grass, what additional factors to consider with the various power levels, and even a comprehensive list of mower purchase concerns.

After that, it’s off to the hardware shop to check out several lawnmowers. Just remember that no matter what engine size you pick, as long as you buy from a respected manufacturer, you’ll have a mower that will last you for years.

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